Simple & Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Whether you get to spend this Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, family or just number one (yourself), it’s the perfect excuse to be treated to the sweeter things in life. For some of us that’s chocolate, for others it’s quality time together and for us at Quady Winery, it’s all the above perfectly paired with sweet wine & aperitifs!

For this Valentine’s Day, we want to give you a few delicious dessert and cocktail recipes to enjoy crafting and sipping with those you care about most. Baking and mixing are fun and intimate ways to spend time together without breaking the bank and having to battle over dinner reservations. Plus, for those of us that are date idea challenged, we’ve done the hard work for you already!

If playing bartender/baker aren’t your things, and you simply want to enjoy some great Quady wine this V-Day, be sure to check out our Valentine’s Sales happening online and in our Tasting Room from now until 2/14/17. You can find them at the bottom of this page. For our local friends, feel free to stop by the winery before or on the big day for special tasting room offers and complimentary pairings – because nothing goes together quite like Valentines and wine tasting. NOTE: Quady Winery will be CLOSED 2/11 & 2/12 with special hours (12pm-4:30pm) on 2/13 and regular hours 2/14.


Strawberry Paradise Royale

Elysium, sparkling wine, and strawberries are an easy, eye-catching, and mouth-watering combination. Delightful for that special brunch occasion. Created by Quady Mixologist, Dana Fares.

Quady Wine Needed: Elysium Black Muscat




The Swingin Angel

Light, refreshing Electra is an unexpectedly fantastic counterpart to the spicy, exotic notes of Deviation. Pineapple infuses a carefree tropical attitude to complete the ensemble.

Quady Wine Needed: Deviation Orange MuscatElectra Moscato




The Elysium Sour

Elysium adds remarkable black cherry flavor to a classic whiskey sour. Variations on this recipe work well. For example, combine Elysium and bourbon with rhubarb and strawberriy compote in place of lemon and sugar. Created by Allie Quady Shaylor.

Quady Wine Needed: Elysium Black Muscat




The Hummingbird

An exciting combination of sweet wine and aperitif. Quady Deviation and Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth balance wonderfully with eachother as prosecco and blueberries add another dimension of bubbly bliss.

Quady Wine Needed: Deviation Orange MuscatVya Whisper Dry Vermouth





Red Electra Float

Rich, creamy, Red Electra-y. Red Electra becomes dessert in this super easy and seriously satisfying treat. That tangy burst of red berry – a signature Red Electra flavor – bursts through the vanilla ice cream, yum.

Quady Wine Needed: Red Electra Moscato




Panna Cotta Parfait with Cherry Jam

For those who want to match the cherry flavors in Elysium with a perfect dessert, this is your recipe. Plus, it’s just gorgeous to present! This dessert takes some time to prepare because the different layers need to set in the refrigerator, so it’s a good idea to make it the evening beforehand.

Quady Wine Needed: NONE, although Elysium Black Muscat recommended for pairing.



Port Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Rich, sweet and packed with the chocolate truffle and blackberry-infused flavors of Starboard Batch 88 theses brownies are sure to satisfy your chocolate craving. Quady Winery Batch 88 is a an easy drinking port-style wine with ripe fruit and nutty elements, that place it somewhere between a ruby and a tawny.

Quady Wine Needed: Starboard Batch 88



For our full list of great Quady cocktail, dessert, appetizer and entree recipes, find them on our recipes page HERE.


For those of you wishing to keep it simple and enjoy/gift Quady wine for this Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out our Valentine’s Sales happening now until 2/14/17. Pick and choose from any of the special packages below.








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