Cocktails & Apéritifs, Elysium, Spring, Summer

Elysium, sparkling wine, and strawberries are an easy, eye-catching, and mouth-watering combination. Delightful for that special brunch occasion. Created by Quady Mixologist, Dana Fares.

4 oz sparkling wine
1 oz Elysium
2 tbs strawberry puree
Garnish: strawberry slice

Fill two champagne flutes ¾ full with champagne, Slowly pour in Elysium, top off with strawberry puree. Garnish with a strawberry slice. Serve.

Strawberry puree:

1/4 cup chopped strawberries
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp sugar
In a blender co
mbine strawberries, lemon juice, and sugar. Puree until smooth. Strain out seeds with mesh strainer.

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