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Press Releases

Vya® Vermouth, Chilled® Media and Others are Putting a Meaning Behind Every Manhattan this October
September 25th, 2018
Chilled® Magazine Announced as Official Media Partner of Manhattan Month®
March 28th, 2018
Quady Winemaker Michael Blaylock Retires, Darin Peterson Takes the Reigns
February 6th, 2018
Celebrate Manhattan Month this October with Vya Vermouth
August 21st, 2017
Vya Sweet Vermouth Takes Vermouth Trophy at IWC 2017
May 22nd, 2017
Market Demand for Quady Moscato Propels Winery Growth
August 23rd, 2016
In 40th Crush Year, Quady Winery Promotes Winemaking Team
Sept 1st, 2015
Quady Winery Handles Wholesale Directly
July 28th, 2015
El Vermut – The New Vya Vermouth On Tap
June 25th, 2014

Andrew Quady: From fireworks maker to stickies and Vermouth
December 20, 2017
Wine Enthusiast Elysium Feature
March 22, 2017
Sunset Magazine Vya Sweet Vermouth
January 24, 2017
Enjoying Sweet Wine Success
October 7th, 2016
Forty Years of Insanely Good Port
January 3rd, 2016
Vermouth Sleuths Find Their Proof
March 12th, 2015
The Wormwood Turns
November, 1 2013
Cin City
May 5, 2012
A Remote Winery Has Blazed A Path
June 15th, 2011
Podcasts & Video

Andrew Quady Discusses Inspiration Behind Select Quady Wines
Sep. 23rd, 2017
Michael Blaylock talks Vermouth and Sweet Wine
Oct 1st, 2016
The Story of Vya Vermouth
Oct 13th, 2016
Andrew Quady On Vya Vermouth
July 28th, 2015
Bartender Journey Podcast with Andrew Quady
June 13, 2013
Spiritual: The Republic Tri-Quad
June 25th, 2014
Recipe Books

Quady Winery Margarita Cocktail Recipe Library
Quady Winery Margarita Cocktail Recipe Library
Quady Winery Vya Vermouth Manhattan Cocktail Recipe Library
Vya Vermouth Manhattan Cocktail Recipe Library
Quady Spring/Summer Cocktail Menu
Low-proof, wine-based cocktails for spring & summer
Quady Fall/Winter Cocktail Menu
Low-proof, wine-based cocktails for fall & winter
Quady Cocktails by Season
Third Edition
Quady Cocktails For Every Season
Second Edition
Quady “Cock-tales”
First Edition
Quady Dessert Wine & Food
The Art of Pairing

Quady brochure
Quady story
Sell Sheets

Electra Moscato Sell Sheet
Red Electra Moscato Sell Sheet
Essensia Orange Muscat Sell Sheet
Elysium Black Muscat Sell Sheet
Starboard Batch 88 Sell Sheet
Manhattan Month Announcement & Recipes
Negroni Week Recipes
Vya Sweet Sell Sheet & Recipes
Essensia Margarita / Sparkling Elysium
Single Page Recipe Sheet
2016 WE Deviation Sell Sheet
2016 WE Batch 88 Sell Sheet
2016 WE Starboard Sell Sheet
2016 WE Essensia Sell Sheet
2016 WE Vya Sweet Vermouth Sell Sheet
2016 WE Vya Extra Dry Vermouth Sell Sheet
Tech Sheets

Essensia 2016
Essensia 2017
Elysium 2016
Elysium 2017
Red Electra
Starboard Batch 88
Starboard Vintage 2006
Palomino Fino
Vya Extra Dry
Vya Sweet
Vya Whisper Dry

Quady Newsletter
Quady Newsletter
Quady Newsletter
Quady Newsletter
Bottle Shots

Essensia 750ml
Essensia 375ml
Elysium 750ml
Elysium 375ml
Electra Moscato 2018 750ml
Electra Moscato 2017 750ml
Electra Moscato 750ml (Non-Vintage)
Red Electra Moscato 750ml
Red Electra Moscato 750ml (Non-Vintage)
Deviation 375ml
Starboard Batch 88 750ml
Starboard Batch 88 375ml
Starboard Vintage 2006 750ml
Starboard Vintage 2006 375ml
Palomino Fino 750ml
Vya Extra Dry 750ml
Vya Extra Dry 375ml
Vya Sweet 750ml
Vya Sweet 375ml
Vya Whisper Dry 750ml
Vya Whisper Dry 375ml

Essensia Hi-Res
Elysium Hi-Res
Electra Moscato 2018 Hi-Res
Electra Moscato 2017 Hi-Res
Red Electra Moscato Hi-Res
Deviation Hi-Res
Starboard Batch 88 Hi-Res
Starboard Vintage 2006 High-Res
Starboard Vintage 1996 High-Res
Palomino Fino High-Res
Vya Extra Dry High-Res
Vya Sweet High-Res
Vya Whisper Dry High-Res

Rose (One Color) Quady Logo, High-Res
Shelf Talkers

Electra Moscato – 90 Points
Electra Moscato – 90 Points (White)
Red Electra Moscato – 89 Points
Red Electra Moscato – 89 Points (White)
Starboard Batch 88, Wine Enthusiast quote
Starboard Vintage 2006,
Vya Sweet Awards
Vya Sweet International Wine Challenge 2017
Vya Sweet Manhattan Month
Vya Sweet 50:50 Manhattan
Vya Sweet, Wine Enthusiast, 2016
Vya Sweet, Wine Enthusiast
Vya Extra Dry, Wine Enthusiast, 2016
Vya Whisper Dry, Wine Enthusiast, 2016
Vya Extra Dry, Splendid Table quote
Bottle Toppers

Electra Moscato – 90 Points
Electra Moscato – 90 Points (White)
Red Electra Moscato – 89 Points
Red Electra Moscato – 89 Points (White)
Vya Sweet Vermouth – Int. Wine Challenge 2017
Vya Sweet Vermouth – Manhattan Month
Vya Sweet Vermouth – 50:50 Manhattan
Case Cards

Electra case card
Red Electra case card
FDA Nutritional Data

Electra Moscato
Red Electra Moscato
Essensia Orange Muscat Dessert Wine
Elysium Black Muscat Dessert Wine
Starboard Batch 88
Starboard Vintage 2006
Starboard Vintage 1996
Vya Sweet Vermouth
Vya Extra Dry Vermouth
Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth
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