Corks or Screw Caps?

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For many of you, it’s now a simple twist of the wrist to get your favorite Quady wine flowing.

Our latest vintage of Elysium and Essensia fortified sweet wines (750 ml) have officially been converted, from cork to screw cap. These two join others in screw cap closures like our Vya Vermouths and crowd favorites, Electra and Red Electra California Moscatos. While some of you may be thinking, “Screw caps, so what, just open it…” Others of you may be struggling with the idea of such a change. Before some of you shout “blasphemy” in the comments section below, let’s calmly take a look at why a growing number of premium, quality wine producers are making the change from cork to screw cap.

Essensia Sweet Dessert Wine Cork & Screw Cap Closure

Essensia Sweet Dessert Wine Converted from Cork to Screw Cap Closure

While screw cap sealed wine has been around for several decades, it’s had the unfortunate reputation of being associated exclusively with bulk, value priced wines. Recent research has unveiled some of the real-world advantages of screw caps versus other closure types such as cork, and for many, a new tune is now being sung. Some wine producing regions of the world like Australia and New Zealand have been ahead of the curve, producing and bottling premium wine under screw caps for some time now.

Differences & Advantages

So, what are the advantages of screw caps? The complete elimination of “cork taint,” caused by TCA (trichloroanisole), is a major one. Tainted wine caused by TCA has been reported to occur in varying degrees within anywhere from 1% to nearly 10% of all bottles with corks. Cork taint leaves wine smelling moldy, musty and damp – not the characteristics many of us look for.

Screw caps also provide extremely reliable and predictably low levels of oxygen to pass through. In comparison, cork is relatively permeable when it comes to oxygen and the level of oxygen it allows into the bottle is inconsistent from cork to cork. Limiting the level of oxidation which takes place during storage allows wine makers even greater control over how the wine tastes from the time it’s bottled to the moment it makes its home in your glass.

Finally, screw caps allow for wine to be opened almost effortlessly, and who can complain about that?!

Vya Vermouth Electra California Moscato Essensia Elysium Sweet Dessert Wines Screw Caps

Quady Wines Now with Screw Cap Closures

While most of our wines are now in screw cap closures, a few others such as our Starboard Vintage will remain locked behind a cork for the time being. These styles rely on longer periods of aging with their flavors being ever developed by the oxygen permitted to enter. Will they ever convert to screw caps? Only time will tell as we learn more of the unique long term affects various closure types have on wine.

In any case, rest assured because the wine makers here at Quady Winery are forever determined to deliver the same magic many of you expect from your favorite Quady wine, whether it’s behind a cork, a screw cap or maybe even within a can (Gasp!).

Let us know how you feel about the change in the comments section below. We encourage you not to just take our word for it, but explore the plethora of articles and resources available online which cover the topic of corks and screw caps.

  • Marc and Shiela Varney

    We trust your wine makers so whatever you think is best to seal in your awesome wines we’re onboard with! Cork or screw cap makes no difference to us, just keep making the best wines and we’ll keep drinking them.

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