Wines for People Who Like Sweet Drinks

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When you go wine tasting or to parties where only dry wines are being served, do you skip the wine because it’s just too dry and bitter for your liking? Is coffee also too bitter for you unless you have lots of cream and sugar in it? Do you prefer drinks that are sweet? Not just a little bit sweet, but SWEET!

Did you know that this means you might have the most sensitive kind of palate? That’s right! According to Tim Hanni, Master of Wine, highly sensitive tasters prefer sweet tastes because they mask bitterness and alcohol (in wines); alcohol increases the sensation of “burn” or “hotness” when it comes to mouthfeel, as well as the perception of bitterness.

Is this you? Have you been searching for wines for people who like sweet drinks? Then you’ve come to the right place! There are plenty of sweet wines out there just waiting to be enjoyed by highly sensitive tasters who love sweet drinks. And some of them can be found right here at Quady Winery, home of sweet Moscatos and Muscat dessert wines. We’ve been specializing in sweet since 1975!

Moscato just might be the perfect wine for people who like sweet drinks. Made from highly aromatic and flavorful Muscat grapes, this light, spritzy wine is low in alcohol and deliciously sweet. While most Moscatos are made from the varietal Muscat of Alexandria, at Quady Winery we use distinctive and rare Muscat varietals to make our Electra Moscatos, including Orange Muscat, Black Muscat and Muscat Canelli.

Orange Muscat vines with tiny grape clusters

The reason we specialize in these lesser-used varietals is because we find they add more complexity and superior flavors and aromas that you won’t find in other Moscatos, which may have other varietals blended in. Here in California’s warm and sunny San Joaquin Valley where we are located, our Muscat varietals thrive, reaching peak flavor and natural sweetness; we don’t need to add any flavors to our wines because they are already full of so much natural flavor!

Wondering which Electra Moscato is ideal for you? Let’s explore.

Electra Moscato
Electra Moscato with an egg white omelet.
Made from Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli grapes, Electra Moscato is a frizzante style wine (lightly sparkling) that is crisp and refreshing, thanks to its low acidity and delicate bubbles. With notes of sweet citrus, peach and melon, Electra Moscato is light and bright on the palate, and perfect for pairing with spicy foods, fruits, salads, sandwiches, brunch foods and so much more.

Red Electra Moscato
Red Electra Moscato with tacos.

Fans of Red Electra Moscato will tell you this is the perfect wine for people who love sweet drinks! Our most popular sweet wine, Red Electra Moscato tastes of sun-ripened cherries, red berries and a touch of tarte pomegranate, thanks to rare Black Muscat grapes blended in with Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli. Like Electra, Red Electra is also a frizzante-style wine, adding a refreshing element to this total palate pleaser. It pairs well with barbecue, spicy foods, cultural cuisines and more.

Electra Moscato Rosé
Electra Moscato Rosé with strawberries and dragonfruit.

Electra Moscato Rosé is not a traditional rosé, it’s a rosé for sweet wine lovers! This bright, playful Moscato features flavors of strawberry and dragonfruit in a frizzante style that’s crisp and refreshing like our other Moscatos. Like Red Electra, Electra Rosé is made with Black Muscat, Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli, just with different ratios of each varietal. Pair it with fresh fruits, creamy desserts, salads and dishes of all kinds, from savory to spicy.

Other Wines for People Who Like Sweet Drinks
One of the reasons we love working with Muscat varietals is because they are high in residual sugar when fully ripe, and therefore make excellent sweet wines with rich flavors and aromas. If you’re looking for a fuller-bodied sweet wine that’s higher in alcohol than Moscato, you can’t go wrong with our Muscat dessert wines.

What is a dessert wine?
And does this mean you can only have it with dessert? No! (The good thing about drinking wine is that you get to make your own rules for how you enjoy it.) A dessert wine is simply a category of wine characterized by its higher residual sugar content. In other words, dessert wines are sweet wines that can be paired with desserts because the levels of sweetness between the dessert and the wine do not compete. That being said, fans of our Muscat dessert wines tell us they love how sweet and delicious the wines are and drink them any time, not just with dessert! Let’s talk more about them.

Essensia Orange Muscat
Essensia Orange Muscat with pumpkin cake.

Made from Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli grapes, this honey-gold sweet wine delights the palate with spiced orange-apricot-pear characteristics, balanced with fruit acidity to finish clean (not cloying). Essensia is lovely chilled and sipped on its own or paired with fruit-based desserts such as banana cream and apple pies, spiced cookies and cakes, cheesecakes, goat cheese and more. You can even use it in margaritas and other cocktails calling for orange liqueur!

Elysium Black Muscat
Elysium Black Muscat with fruit and a cupcake.

Elysium is made from Black Muscat, a distinctive and rare Muscat varietal. We love making wine with this particular grape not only because of its beautiful violet-crimson color, but because Black Muscat grapes have rose-like aromas with rich dark cherry and boysenberry flavors. Enjoy Elysium chilled on its own or in spritzers, mixed with sparkling wine, whiskey and so much more. It makes an excellent pairing with goat cheese and gorgonzola, red fruit desserts, dark chocolate and topped over creamy desserts like vanilla ice cream and cheesecake.

There’s a whole world of sweet wine out there just waiting to please your palate! Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about some great wines for people who like sweet drinks, what are you excited to try? If you’re still feeling unsure, try visiting a local wine shop to learn more about their sweet wine selections. You never know when you’re going to find a new favorite. And if you try Quady sweet wines, make sure to let us know what you think! Share your sweet wine adventures with us by tagging us on social @quadywinery. Cheers!

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