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We’re so excited to share a special Gold Medal themed release with our wine club members this April in honor of our recent San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Winners. All three of our wine club categories show off two or more competition medal winners as we couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than to share these achievements with a special themed release! If you haven’t heard about our award winning wines at the 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, you can read all about it HERE.

Spring April Quady Wine Club Release 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Gold Medal Winners Red Electra Moscato Elysium Dessert Wine Starboard Batch 88 Vya Sweet Vermouth

Club Quady Release

For details on each featured wine, click on their names below.

Red Electra Moscato, Double GoldElysium Black Muscat, Double GoldStarboard Batch 88, Double GoldVya Sweet Vermouth*, Gold

 Vya Sweet Vermouth is a one of a kind premium American Vermouth used to create both contemporary and traditional cocktails such as the Manhattan. It’s also a first of its kind in the United States, crafted to be enjoyed by itself or on the rocks. Explore the number of Vya Sweet Vermouth recipes on our website HERE.

Spring April Electra Wine Club Release 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Medal Winners Red Electra Moscato Electra Moscato

Club Electra Release

For details on each featured wine, click on their names below.

Red Electra Moscato, Double GoldElectra Moscato, Silver

Spring April Vya Wine Club Release 2017 SF Chronicle Wine Competition Medal Winners Elysium Dessert Wine Vya Sweet Vermouth Vya Extra Dry Vermouth Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth

Club Vya Release

For details on each featured wine, click on their names below.

Vya Sweet Vermouth, GoldVya Extra Dry Vermouth, SilverVya Whisper Dry VermouthElysium Black Muscat, Double Gold

Club Membership

If you’re not a member of our wine club just yet but want to sign up in time for this April Gold Medal release, you can shop and sign up on our online store HERE. Quady Winery Club Members enjoy two annual wine club releases, a spring release in April and a fall release in October, as well as a number of exclusive benefits including:

Important Release Dates

If you’re a Club Quady, Electra or Vya member, we’ve added the information and resources below to help ensure you’re ready for the upcoming April Gold Medal Release.

For SHIP-TO Club Members, your orders will begin being processed April 3rd (charges made to the credit card on file) with shipments going out within two business days of processing. PLEASE NOTE: If you’re having your club release shipped to you, someone over the age of 21 MUST be present to sign for the package at time of delivery

For PICK-UP Club Members, you can pick-up starting April 3rd with payment processing happening at time of pick-up. DEADLINE for pick-up is April 25th.

For the full release schedule & list of additional important dates during both spring and fall releases, click the button below.

For additional details on Wine Club payment processing, shipping, delivery, membership benefits and more, please view our recently updated Terms and Conditions Agreement below.

If you have any questions about Quady Club Membership, the upcoming April Club Release or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach us through our CONTACT page.

*Club Members not wanting Vya Sweet Vermouth can request substitution for Quady Essensia Orange Muscat Dessert Wine. Club Quady release packages containing Vya Sweet Vermouth will also include a list of exciting and delicious cocktail recipe ideas to try with their release. Substitution requests must be made before shipment or at pick-up.

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  • Al Michetti

    I recently fond a botttle of 1993 Quady Elysium in my cellar. Having drank many bottles of the rather younggg wines, I thought they were great. Never had one this old. It’s now July of 2018…. Will it taste OK, or has it gone over the top? Please let me know your opinion. Will it age gracefully, like a port or a sherry? Or, am I looking at a bottle that is way past it’s prime.

    • Colin Hough

      Hi Al,

      Awesome! Having tasted some of our older dessert wines recently, I can absolutely say that it will taste more than just okay. While the flavors will have changed somewhat dramatically, there is something very pleasant about these wines once they’ve aged. Whether you enjoy it as much as a current vintage, we’ll leave that up to you, but we hope you’ll enjoy the experience of tasting what few have.

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