Summer Slushies!

Electra and Red Electra Moscatos make slushies or sorbets that are simply mouthwatering. Experience an Electra Moscato slushy like no other in our tasting room all summer long. At home, try pouring the wines out into freezer safe containers, freezing, and then scooping out like sorbet. Follow these easy steps and enjoy Electra sorbet/slushy at home!

Electra Slushy
AmaVida sailing the Douro River
Set sail with Michael Blaylock

Join our Director of Winemaking, Michael Blaylock in July 2017 on a 7 night cruise through the dramatic Douro River Valley in Portugal! Michael personally invites you to join him on this amazing journey of exploring the towns and villages along the Douro while enjoying excellent wine and food.

Have a picnic

with your own picnic backpack/wine carrier, complete with Quady logo. Big enough for two bottles, plates, cutlery, and your picnic treats! Enjoy with Electra & Red Electra! Visit our store for more details.

Quady Wine Backpack
Quady Muscat Wines
“The discovery

of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation,” Ben Franklin once said, no doubt while tasting a newly treasured wine. At Quady Winery, discovery is at the core of who we are. Our sweet and apéritif wines chart new territories in American winemaking. Welcome and enjoy discovering our wines!

After dinner

The dessert experience is our specialty and we've converted many who thought they didn't drink sweet. Our muscats and moscatos are the perfect complement to all kinds of desserts: vanilla ice cream, pie, chocolate, fruit with whipped cream–you are limited only by your imagination.

Elysium Black Muscat Dessert Wine
Electra Moscato
At the bbq

Electra is moscato made by muscat experts: light, frizzante, sweet and refreshing. Try it paired with blue skies, fresh air, friends, and all kinds of barbeque or picnic foods. Ribs and bbq sauce, burgers with a sweet and tangy chutney sauce, grilled veggies, and (of course!) desserts are delicious with Electra moscato.

As an apéritif

Your guests are early and dinner is late. What do you do? Do what we do: put a Vya apéritif in their hands and relax! Mix equal parts Vya Extra Dry and Vya Sweet Vermouth on the rocks with a twist of orange. Vya apéritif is the yin-and-yang of drinks: warming and cooling plant properties in the two Vyas balance each other, creating the perfect palate opener.

Vya Cocktail
Essensia Margarita
In a cocktail

Quady wines create outstanding mixed drinks. Our muscats are fresh, exciting alternatives to liqueurs; our ports make sweet cocktails manly; our Vya vermouths bring back pre-prohibition traditions that emphasize flavor over proof. Take a look at our cocktails page to see the Essensia Margarita recipe and more exciting cocktail ideas.

For the holidays

Filled with joy. Distinctive. One of a kind. That's the kind of gift you need when the holidays roll in. With a selection that ranges from the lightest moscato on the market, to rich, round Starboard port, and unparalleled vermouth for the cocktail crowd, you really can find the perfect something for everyone in your clan.

Quady Holiday Wines
Tasting Quady Wines
To gather friends

In Madera, Quady is known as 'the sweet spot'. Whether you're visiting us at an event, in our tasting room, or opening a bottle to share with friends at home, our wines bring smiles to the faces of friends and family everywhere. Find us at our next event!

While cooking

Quady wines don't merely make tasty pairings with food, they also add wonderful flavors and aromas while cooking. From rich chocolate cake to savory meatballs, Quady wine can make a big difference in the kitchen. Our recipes are gathered from decades of pairing competitions with professional chefs, winery events, and winery crew home chefs. Discover our favorites and share yours!

A new life

When Andrew Quady and his wife Laurel moved to the San Joaquin Valley to pursue a rural lifestyle and an enology degree at U.C. Davis for Andy, an earlier career producing explosives transformed into a more sensitive, but still dramatic life crafting intense muscat wines. 1600 cases of Zinfandel port started the Quadys off on sweet feet in 1975.

He came, he saw, he
made muscat

In a small San Joaquin valley town, Andrew Quady discovered an unused patch of the rare Orange Muscat grape varietal, known in Italy as Moscato Fior d’Arancio. These grapes became the first Essensia. This marked the birth of Quady Winery's muscat expertise - where the rich flavors of rare muscat varietals are celebrated and intensified rather than blended and softened.

Sacrificial grapes

What to do with unwanted sacramental black muscat? Make heavenly Elysium Black Muscat dessert wine to transport you to the state of ideal bliss.

A dedicated winemaker

Michael Blaylock joined Quady as winemaker to manage the sudden growth in winemaking operations inspired by Essensia Orange Muscat and Elysium Black Muscat Dessert Wines. Three decades later he has a lot of award winning sweet wines to smile about.

Please pass the Starboard to the right

Port is traditionally passed around the table to the left. Not so with Starboard, port’s sibling on the other side of the world. Starboard resembles port in almost every way, except in geography, and in the softer, rounder, more voluptuous tannins that are a result of the unique climate found in the foothills of Amador county.

Electra Moscato
You say moscato, we say Electra

We like to call them picnic wines, but fans of Electra and Red Electra Moscatos drink them anytime, and anywhere (they legally can!) These soft and tangy moscatos are a dramatic contrast to their rich, fortified muscat predecessors. The Electras are so light and fruity, they can be mistaken for the ripe run-off from the grapes, but they are very carefully vinified in the moscato d’asti style.

Vya Vermouth
Vermouth for modern tastes

Throw out what you know about vermouth and think again. This time think about quality wine, a culinary selection of whole dried herbs, and expert winemaking. Think about a mountain meadow after the rain, or the comforting aromas of holiday baking. Vya is aromatherapeutic. Relaxing. Enlivening. Enticing.

Deviation Aromatized Orange Muscat
Deviation: a new twist in winemaking

A delicious deviation from traditional winemaking, Deviation is Orange Muscat dessert wine aromatized with the Mayan aphrodisiac Damiana and Rose Geranium. Damiana is wildharvested in South America, and Rose Geranium is grown at Quady Winery.

International Wine and Spirits Competition Best Vermouth Trophy
Designated top U.S. producer

The International Wine and Spirits Competition, the largest wine show in the world, awarded Quady Winery its singular IWSC Trophy for the Best Overall Results in their 2009 show. Needless to say, Andrew Quady and Michael Blaylock were proud to be recognized for their achievements, shared among the entire Quady crew.

Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth
A softer vermouth for subtle spirits

Vya Vermouth can do all kinds of things to enliven drinks, and now there's one more tool in the tool box with Vya Whisper Dry. Vya Whisper Dry plays wonderfully with subtle spirits like vodka, making a martini that smells beautifully but doesn't change the taste of the spirit too much. Vya Whisper Dry is also lovely all by itself in a wine glass, before dinner or with a light meal.


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