Vya Whisper Dry

“Whisper” refers to a soft whisper of herbs in wine, a delicate rendition of Vya Vermouth. Whisper Dry is Extra Dry’s understated sibling, appropriate when looking for a lighter style of aperitif wine, used alone or to soothe the edges of your favorite subtle spirit. The herbs and wine melt into the spirit without overpowering the drink.

Created ten years after the release of Vya Extra Dry, the Whisper Dry is softer, less herbaceous, and formulated to pair especially well with subtle spirits like vodka in a martini. Gin martinis work well too.

Try Vya Whisper Dry chilled on its own with appetizers, or on the rocks with a twist of lemon. It’s like white wine, with a little something extra.

Over fifteen different herbs are used in the Whisper Dry, a few of these include: linden, orris, elecampane, and needles from a certain fir tree that contribute a soft forest-like character.

Refreshing, Elegant & Smooth… Ask for it.

A complex and layered savory white vermouth.

— Beverage Testing Institute, 2015

Unveiled at the July 2012 Tales of the Cocktail conference in New Orleans, this light amber vermouth is made with Orange Muscat and Colombard grapes, yielding intense aromas of orange, vanilla and nuts, with a dry, almost Sherry-like finish.

—Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2012