Whats in a garnish?

 In Vya

Chances are, most Manhattans you’ve ordered have been served with a Maraschino cherry as the garnish. But did you know that the first garnish to be used in a Manhattan was a lemon peel? The lemon peel gives a nice burst of brightness and adds a touch of acidity to the assertive flavors of a Manhattan. After prohibition, orange peels also began showing up in Manhattans, adding a lighter, sweeter edge to the drink. Cherries finally made their appearance in the later 1900’s, most likely to create additional depth in the cocktails that began featuring Bourbon over Rye.

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  • Mary Jordan

    I had the privledge of sharing a bottlle of Red Electra Moscato wine …….with a dear friend. The smooth taste was absolutely delicious! I have turned about 7 others on to Red Electra.. I love it

  • Carol Burkhead-Fox

    Do you deliver to Illinois?

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