Whats in a garnish?

Chances are, most Manhattans you’ve ordered have been served with a Maraschino cherry as the garnish. But did you know that the first garnish to be used in a Manhattan was a lemon peel? The lemon [...]

Stirred, not Shaken.

The number one rule in spectacular Manhattan making is, the drink must be stirred rather than shake. In fact, all cocktails with clear liquid should be stirred. Stirring your Manhattan will bring [...]

But Bourbon…

In the mid-1930’s Manhattans began to include bourbon instead of rye, because bourbon was more readily available after prohibition. Post-prohibition, Bourbon distilleries were able to increase [...]

Why Rye?

The original 1870’s Manhattan recipe calls for rye whiskey, but why? The answer is relatively straightforward, rye was American’s whiskey of choice for decades, maintaining its popularity [...]