Delicious Mexican Food Pairings with Moscato

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We’ve been talking a lot about our favorite food pairings this year and we’d be remiss not to feature Mexican food pairings! Full of rich flavors and spices, Mexican food pairs in delicious harmony with sweet wines like Electra Moscato and Red Electra Moscato. Read on for some of our favorite Mexican dish pairings, then treat your palate to a meal that’s marvelously flavorful.

Birria with a glass of Electra Moscato

Birria is traditionally served at weddings, quinceañeras and other celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate any ordinary day with this dish that’s rich in tangy, smoky flavor. Light, crisp and refreshing, Electra Moscato is a fantastic balancing accompaniment to the heartiness of birria. Squeeze fresh lime over your birria for brightening acidity that pairs well with the peach-melon-citrus in Electra.

Mexican food pairing with Red Electra Moscato

Chicken, beef, pork or easy & cheesy, however you enjoy your quesadilla, Red Electra Moscato is ready to enjoy right along with it!

Plate full of quesadillas

Red Electra’s cherry-berry-pomegranate flavors and light spritz make a tasty combo with the seasoned meat of your choice and all of that cheesy goodness.

Mexican food pairing with enchiladas and Electra Moscato

Speaking of cheese … of course enchiladas made the list of Mexican food and Moscato pairings we love!

Enchiladas topped with cheese and a side of refried beans

Tangy sauce and spicy salsa need a wine that won’t overpower all of those delicious flavors. Electra Moscato’s balanced acidity and crisp sweetness pair wonderfully well with enchilada dishes.

Mexican food pairing: mole with Red Electra

We could mole all day with this yummy Mexican food pairing! Chicken mole features a rich sauce that usually includes chocolate in its list of tasty ingredients. Red Electra’s sweet berry profile goes perfectly with chocolate flavoring, and will enhance your mole meal experience for a total treat for your tastebuds.

Chicken mole with beans and rice

What Mexican foods would you pair with Electra Moscatos? What are you dishing up while sipping on your favorite Electra? Looking for more pairing ideas? Check out our top breakfast food pairings and barbecue pairings we love with Moscato. And make sure to share your pairings with us by tagging us on social @quadywinery!

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