The Best Barbecue Foods to Pair with Sweet Wines

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Barbecue season is officially here! But that doesn’t mean you have to save your favorite sweet wines for meals that aren’t cooked on the grill. We think there’s nothing more refreshing than sipping on a chilled glass of Electra to beat the heat while you’re grilling the good stuff! Plus, sweet wines like Moscato actually pair fantastically with many barbecue foods.

Woman sipping a glass of Red Electra Moscato while barbecuing burgers and brats

To help make your summer an appetizing balance of sweet, savory and smoky, we’ve created a list of our favorite barbecue foods to pair with sweet wines like any Electra Moscato. Read on to get your grocery list started … and don’t forget to add some Electra to your cart while you’re at it!

A plate of ribs and chicken skewers hot off the grill

Is it even a barbecue if you don’t have chicken and ribs?! The tangy sweetness in barbecue sauce is a match made in culinary heaven with the fruity sweetness in Electra Moscatos. It’s a complementary balance in flavor that you might not experience when sipping drier wines.

A glass of Red Electra Moscato with the bottle of wine and a plate of chicken, ribs, potato and veggie salads

Red Electra Moscato’s sweet & slightly tart cherry-berry pomegranate flavors are a mouth-watering combo with beef ribs and chicken grilled in tangy barbecue sauce.

Brat in a bun on a plate with chips and pasta salad

Whether you’re a fan of regular hot dogs or brats, you won’t be disappointed when pairing either with lighter sweet wines like Electra Moscato and Electra Moscato Rosé.

A plate with a brat, pasta salad and chips, with bottles of Electra Moscato

The spices in brats, and smoky, savory taste of hot dogs are excellent with the peach-melon-citrus flavors in Electra and the strawberry-dragonfruit notes in Electra Rosé. These light, sweet wines will complement, rather than compete with, the salts and spices in these barbecue classics. And for all of our vegan friends out there, the same is true for pairing vegan brats and hot dogs with Electra Moscatos! Yum!

Hamburger, broccoli salad and chips on a plate

A juicy barbecued hamburger needs a wine that’s just as juicy! You can’t go wrong sipping Red Electra while noshing on a burger loaded with all the fixings. We tested this pairing with vegan burger options too, and it was still a total treat for our tastebuds!

Plates with burgers and side dishes of coleslaw and pasta salad

Wondering about side dishes for barbecue and sweet wine pairings? We recommend light, picnic-style sides. Electra’s lightly fizzy, crisp nature and fresh & fruity aromas are delicious with side dishes of a similar nature, like broccoli salad, pasta salad and coleslaw.

Barbecue side dishes of chips and asparagus salad, with glasses of wine

Fresh or grilled veggies tossed in a vinaigrette will also add balance to your main dishes and overall flavor experience with wine and food. And don’t forget the potato salad and potato chips! Aside from being the perfect barbecue snacking staple, the saltiness of potato chips is delicious in conjunction with the sweetness of Moscato. Potato salad is generally milder in flavor, making it the perfect side to your barbecued foods and sweet wines, as it won’t overpower the flavor profiles. Plus, who doesn’t like potato salad?! (We’ll have an extra helping, thanks.)

A table with barbecue foods: chicken skewers, ribs, side dishes and Red Electra

Feeling inspired (and hungry)? What barbecue foods would you pair with sweet wines like Electra Moscatos? Looking for more delectable pairing ideas? If you’re a fan of Manhattans, you’ll definitely want to check out our food ideas for pairing with Manhattan cocktails! And don’t forget to share your pairings and recipes with us on social by tagging us @quadywinery. Cheers!

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