Our Favorite Takeout Foods to Pair with Moscato

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It’s back-to-school season, and life’s about to get busier! On top of everything else that still has to be taken care of – who has time to cook?! (And more importantly, can someone pass the Electra Moscato?! Because Mom needs a glass of wine!) Even if your back-to-school days are long gone and life is just hectic right now, there’s one thing we all know we can count on when we’re short on time and need a hot meal: takeout food. Delicious, easy, convenient, takeout food.

And that is why we came up with a list of our favorite takeout foods to pair with Electra Moscatos. So pour a glass, kick up your feet and order in, because these takeout food pairings will take your palate on a tasty adventure after a crazy day!

Takeout Food Pairing: Electra Moscato with pepperoni pizza

Electra Moscato and pizza go together like pizza and ranch dressing! Electra’s light spritz and sweet peach-melon-citrus flavor is easy to enjoy with all of that cheesy goodness topped with spicy pepperoni, veggies and other fixings. The wine’s light-bodied nature complements pizza’s thick gooey cheese and crunchy crust hot out of the oven. Anyone for seconds?

Takeout Food Pairing: Burrito with Red Electra and chips and salsa

There are few things yummier than a burrito, chips & salsa, and Red Electra Moscato. Whether you prefer grilled chicken, beef or veggies, Red Electra’s sweet cherry-berry profile will pair perfectly with your meat of choice, beans and rice topped with spicy salsa. We’re big fans of sweet & spicy and sweet & salty here at Quady, and this takeout food pairing has it all!

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Takeout Food Pairing

Remember a minute ago when we were talking about sweet & spicy being a pairing we love? We really meant it! One of our favorite takeout food combos is a spicy chicken sandwich, fries and a glass of Electra Moscato Rosé. The slight fizz and strawberry dragonfruit notes in Electra Rosé are a total vibe with the flavors of crispy chicken boasting a hint of spice; and of course, a side of salted fries. There’s that sweet & salty combo we love again!

Takeout Food Pairing: Chinese food with Red Electra Moscato

We can’t talk about takeout food pairings without mentioning Chinese food! From egg rolls and chow mein to fried rice, broccoli beef and orange chicken, you can’t go wrong pairing this tasty takeout option with Red Electra. The interplay of sweet, spicy and savory flavors will make you want to take yourself out for takeout more often!

What takeout foods would you pair with Electra Moscatos? Looking for more food & wine pairing ideas? Check out our favorite breakfast food pairings and our thoughts on the best barbecue foods to pair with sweet wines!  And don’t forget to share your own wine pairings with us on social by tagging us @quadywinery.

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