Sweet Wine Gift Basket Ideas

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Searching for the perfect gift for friends, family or the coworker whose name you picked in the Secret Santa name draw? We might be a little biased, but we think you can never go wrong with gifting wine during the holidays (or any other day of the year). With all of the festivities this season brings, most of us usually have a glass of wine in one hand and some kind of yummy treat in the other. So it’s a pretty safe bet that a bottle of sweet wine is a good idea, and a gift basket full of sweet wines and treats to go with them is an even better idea!

But before you go out and spend a fortune on a pre-made basket that busts your entire budget, check out these affordable sweet wine gift basket ideas you can put together yourself. Save on spend, save your sanity and land yourself on someone’s nice list with a gift that sweetens their holiday!

Electra Red Moscato and Moscato in a sweet wine gift basket

Moscato is a sweet wine that’s perfect for enjoying during brunches, dinners and wining down after the holiday craze. Crisp and refreshing with a hint of bubbles, Electra Moscatos are incredibly versatile and pair wonderfully with foods of all kinds, cheeses and desserts, and can even be mixed into cocktails. Choose from three flavor profiles – the sweet citrus of Electra, cherry-berry Red Electra, and hints of strawberry in Electra Rosé. But really, why choose one when all three are sure to be a hit in any sweet wine gift basket?!

Sweet wine gift basket idea: bottles of Deviation and Essensia dessert wines

With all of those delicious desserts and treats out on the table in every house you visit during the holidays, a proper dessert wine is a MUST in any sweet wine gift basket. Dessert wines are made to enhance the yummy flavors of sweets without taking away from the tasty indulgence of the experience. They’re also amazing with cheeses! Dessert wines come in many different flavor profiles, but if you’re not sure what kind of dessert wine to include in your sweet wine gift basket, here are some safe bets:

Sweet wine gift basket idea: bottles of Elysium dessert wine and Starboard Batch 88 port-style wine.

For your cheese and fruit-loving friends & family, the spicy orange-apricot-pear flavors of Essensia are the way to go. Elysium is ideal for those who love red fruits, goat cheese and dark chocolates, and bonus, you can make spritzes with it too! For anyone in your crew with complex taste that “deviates” from the norm, try a bottle of rose-infused Deviation, which tastes absolutely magical with any holiday baked goods containing baking spices like cinnamon, cloves and allspice. And last but certainly not least, tis the season for port-style wines! Starboard Batch 88 features a nutty, chocolate raisin flavor profile that makes chocolate desserts even more decadent, whether sipped alongside the dessert or mixed in with the recipe.

Goat brie cheese in a sweet wine gift basket

Remember when we mentioned how marvelous cheese is with sweet and dessert wines? Cheeses like goat and blue cheese taste fantastic with dessert wine and charcuterie, plus, who doesn’t love cheese? So don’t forget to include some in the gift basket!

Chocolate pieces with raisins and nuts next to a penguin figurine and a sweet wine gift basket

And chocolate too! It’ll go perfectly with the port-style wine; especially darker chocolates containing fruits and nuts. A cute Christmas figurine or ornament is also a fun item to include for celebrating new holiday memories together.

Sweet Wines Gift Basket Ideas

We hope these sweet wine gift basket ideas help make your gift giving easy, fun and full of flavor this year. What other items would you include in a gift basket? Are you gifting Quady wines to the special people in your life? Stay in touch and let us know how it went!

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