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The classic Negroni rides off into the sunset with this blood orange Negroni riff that serves up a cocktail flowing with bittersweet and warm spice. Aromatic and sweet blood orange juice makes a harmonious companion to Campari’s bitter cherry, with Vya Sweet Vermouth’s warm spices lingering on the palate after every sip – like the last glowing rays of a summer sun dipping below the horizon.

1 ½ oz. Vya Sweet Vermouth
1 oz. Campari
½ oz. Gin
1 oz. Fresh-squeezed blood orange juice
0.5 oz. Honey syrup (optional)
Top with soda water
Garnish: Basil leaf

Layer ingredients in a high ball glass with ice. Garnish your blood orange Negroni with a basil leaf.

Vya Sweet Sunset Blood Orange Negroni

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