Wine-Themed Experience Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Ask any mom what she most wants for Mother’s Day and she’ll likely say something along the lines of “time.” Time for herself, time with her friends or family, time with YOU. So how can you turn time into a gift? With an experience! Because we love our moms, and we love wine, and most moms we know also love wine, we came up with a few wine-themed experience gift ideas to help you make this Mother’s Day extra sweet for any of the moms in your life. (These ideas don’t cost much, but they’ll mean so much!) Grab her favorite bottle of Electra Moscato and get ready to add an angelic touch to her special day!

Wine-Themed Gift Experience Idea: Mother's Day Movie Night with Electra Moscato and popcorn

How often does your mom get the chance to sit back, relax with a glass of Electra Moscato and binge watch her favorite movies? This experience gift idea is as easy as clearing her schedule and making her a cozy spot on the couch. Pop some popcorn, order takeout, and take in the enjoyment of an entertaining evening that can be just for her or fun for the whole fam.

Glass of Electra Moscato with popcorn

PS. The sweet & salty combo of Electra Moscato and popcorn is a match made in Heaven!

Wine-Themed Gift Experience: Spa Day with Electra Rosé

You can never go wrong with giving mom some time – and some wine – in a bubble bath. Treat her to a massage, a mani-pedi, or a facial, then loads of bubbles – in the tub and in her glass of Electra Rosé, which has a playful effervescence that pairs perfectly with spa experience gifts!

Electra Moscato Rose in bubbles

Electra Moscato Rosé’s strawberry and dragonfruit flavor profile is crisp and delicately sweet … a light refreshment after a day of pampering!

Wine Gift Experience: Red Electra Moscato with flowers and chocolate

The three ways to almost any mom’s heart are: flowers, chocolate and Red Electra Moscato. So if the other experience gift ideas aren’t quite right for mom’s taste, you can’t go wrong here!

Chocolate truffles for Mother's Day

Red Electra’s sweet, cherry-berry pomegranate flavors pair marvelously with chocolate for an extra touch of decadence that’s sure to add some magic to mom’s day … and her palate!

Mother's Day Card

When you’re serving her a glass of sweet Moscato, don’t forget to include some sweet sentiments! Of course the Red Electra will help show your mom how much you love her (yum!), but a special card is a great idea too.

We hope this list of Mother’s Day gift experience ideas has you inspired to toast to the moms in your life in fun, memorable ways. How else are you celebrating with Electra Moscatos this year? Tag us on social @quadywinery and share your experiences with us!

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