‘Wine Down’, Get Inspired and Be Creative with Karisma Ray

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Recently we had the opportunity to e-meet Karisma Ray, a 20-something from Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for life and helping others. Oh, and she loves our Electra Moscatos as much as we do! Like Karisma, we enjoy the simple things in life: family, community and a wonderful glass of wine. So we decided to connect with Karisma Ray and get her wisdom on being your best and where your glass of Electra Moscato (or any other Quady wine) fits in! Here’s what she had to say:

’Wine’ing down’ is a great way to spark creativity and inspiration at the end of a long week. Thank you to my friends at Quady Winery for sponsoring this post and allowing me a first taste of their new Electra Moscato Rosé.

Sometimes life gets hectic, and you need to break from the business of it all. I’ve been reading and hearing about the month of August lately and how it can be the month that determines the rest of your year. When I thought about it, that’s kind of true. You are either going to work super hard during the month to achieve your goals for the last part of the year or do nothing and take time to “reset”. While most people might assume that the first option is the ‘right’ one, I’m not sure that it always is. Doing nothing and hitting that reset button has seemed to work for me this past August. When taking a break (physically), I can honestly say that I’m always (mentally) thinking about the next big thing. It is sometimes critical to not move at all so that your next move is your best move. What I mean by “move” is anything that you are doing to achieve your goals.

So, pour up a glass and let’s chat! Here are 3 things you can do to ‘wine down’, reset and spark your creativity, inspiration, and motivation….


Let’s face it, after a long hard week, pouring a nice glass of your favorite chilled wine (mine is this new Electra Moscato Rosé by Quady Winery) can put you in a relaxed state. It is often just a great way to enjoy an evening of cooking at home alone, or with your family! Whenever you are in this mode, it allows you to be mentally free and often you inadvertently focus on the things you subconsciously want or need to achieve.


I’ve noticed for whatever reason, art and wine pair well! There are so many local events that are probably in your area. Many of them are paint and sips that provide wine or allow you to bring your own. If they are not in your area, host one yourself! Besides creating art, you can get cozy with a good book on the couch. Maybe you and a few friends could get together and do an arts and crafts project at the house. The possibilities to create something new while sipping your favorite wine are endless.


Self-care is on the rise and more important than ever before, since we are now leading busier lives this day and age. I had the pleasure of working alongside an Alvin Ailey dancer and she taught me so much about self-care. Now I often take Sunday evenings to pamper myself or do a foot soak or pedicure.  They also have essential oil diffusers and even portable neck massagers from places like Amazon that are incredible and provide an amazing at home self-care experience. Pair that with a glass of wine and before you know it, you will be refreshed and motivated to take on the world!

So how do you like to “wine down?” What do you think is the best thing to do while sipping your favorite glass?

Thanks again to Quady Winery for sponsoring this post. If you enjoy light, sweet and refreshing Moscato wine, take a moment to check them out and their full line of Electra Moscato’s!

You can catch Karisma Ray sharing these great tidbits and more on her blog and her Instagram page @Karisma_Ray.


Karisma Ray sitting on the couch with a book and a glass of Quady Winery's new Electra Moscato Rosé


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