Why We Rebranded Vya Vermouth

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If you’ve been shopping on our site recently, you may have noticed that Vya Vermouth has a brand new look! Why did we update Vya?

Vya was originally launched in 1999, before premium vermouths were sold in the U.S. In the past two decades, the market has transformed. Today’s consumers can choose from the finest vermouth in the world. They are curious, open to vermouth, interested in ingredients and authenticity. And so we wanted to put the magic that’s in the bottle, on the bottle, with transparency about our ingredients in an artful way that invites people to create enchanting drinks on their own.

Check out this video for more of the story:

Do you like the new labels? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or send us an email at info@quadywinery.com. Cheers!

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