What is the Best Moscato Wine to Take to a Dinner Party?

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The holiday season is almost upon us, and you know what that means: dinner parties! There’s no better time of year to gather with friends and family to eat, drink and be merry. Perhaps even more important than the question of what dishes are being served, is what wine is being served? Whether hosting or attending as a guest, everyone will enjoy wines that pair nicely with the flavors of the evening. But where does that leave you if you’re a guest and unsure of what kind of wine to bring? Especially if you’re a sweet wine drinker! Is it okay to bring a sweet wine like Moscato to a dinner party? If so, what’s the best Moscato wine to take? So many questions! But don’t worry, we have answers.

First things first: chances are, you are not going to be the only person at the dinner party who likes sweet wine. Not to mention that a dinner party host will always appreciate your contribution of a nice wine to accompany dinner and dessert. So bring the style of wine you like!

A dinner party with Electra Moscato and Red Electra Moscato

Moscato can be an excellent choice of wine to take to a dinner party; it’s light, bursting with fruit flavors and delicately fizzy, giving it a crisp, refreshing quality that keeps you coming back for one more sip. And because Moscato is also low in alcohol, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif before dinner or consumed with dinner because it won’t compete with any spiciness in the cuisine. In fact, Moscato’s sweetness makes it an ideal pairing for meals with spice. It also complements salty hors d’oeuvres and dishes quite nicely! Foods with sour and bitter elements also pair well with Moscato’s sweetness; essentially those flavor profiles that are opposite of sweet.

With a variety to choose from, it can be tough to know what the best Moscato wine to take to a dinner party is. Electra Moscatos feature red, white and rosé options that are perfect for a variety of dinner parties and pairings. Let’s talk more about them!

Red Electra Moscato with chicken mole, sweet bread and tortillas

Going to a dinner party with foods and sauces containing rich spices? Red Electra Moscato is the best Moscato wine to take to this dinner party! Red Electra Moscato is made with Black Muscat, Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli grapes, so it has prominent fruit flavors of juicy red berries, cherry and a touch of tartness like pomegranate. Its sweet berry profile complements dishes like chicken molé (with a rich chocolatey sauce), roast chicken, pasta with sausage or meatballs, steak and veggies, tacos and so much more. Red Electra itself has rich flavor and sweetness without being cloying (overly sugary and syrupy), so it can stand up to many foods with heartier substance and spice without overpowering the dish.

Electra Moscato Rosé with charcuterie

How about a dinner party with cultural-themed cuisine like Asian or Indian? A sweet wine with more of a delicate profile like Electra Moscato Rosé is the best Moscato wine to take to this dinner party! Like Red Electra, Electra Rosé is made with Black Muscat, Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli, and features flavors and aromas of strawberry and dragonfruit. Because it’s low in alcohol with a lighter fruit profile, Electra Moscato Rosé’s flavors and aromas won’t compete with the spices, heat and flavors in many cultural cuisines. Wines that are high in alcohol tend to amplify the heat when combined with spicy foods, while Electra Rosé is cool, refreshing and sweet on the palate. Its flavors and sweetness also pair particularly well with salty meats like ham, pork tenderloin and charcuterie cold cuts with cheese.

Electra Moscato with salad and a chicken salad croissant sandwich

What about a dinner party with yummy salads and light veggie-themed sides? Electra Moscato is the best Moscato wine to take to this dinner party! Made with Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli grapes, Electra Moscato is sweet and refreshing with flavors and aromas of peach, citrus and melon. Its light citrus and stone fruit profile with crisp bubbles makes a wonderful pairing with fresh salads, chicken, salmon or halibut with lemon, charcuterie, veggies and more.

Electra Moscatos are incredibly versatile and can be paired with a smorgasbord of foods for a delicious flavor experience, whether you’re at a dinner party or watching a flick with your favorite fast food. Are you feeling more confident about choosing the best Moscato wine to take to your next dinner party? We’d love to know what meals you enjoy pairing with Electra Moscatos! Let us know in the comments or share with us on social – @quadywinery. Cheers!

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