Springtime Brunch With Electra Moscato

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Fresh and delightful, Electra Moscato brings flavors of sweet citrus, peaches, and melon to your springtime brunch table. This versatile Moscato pairs deliciously with acidic, savory and sweet flavors, allowing you to get creative when thinking up dishes for your brunch spread!  Whether you are celebrating Easter or the arrival of spring, these recipes paired with Electra Moscato are sure to add a fresh and tasty twist to your meal.

Blueberry scone breakfast brunch pairing electra moscato

Blueberry Scones

A flour-based pastry, scones are a brunch staple. This practical pairing teams up the flavor of blueberries with the crisp peach and melon brightness of Electra Moscato making a sure-to-please-your-sweet-tooth combination.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

Butter poached Lobster dish Heirloom Tomatos eat fresh eat healthy seafood Fresh tomatoes basil at home recipes

Butter Poached Lobster & Warm Tomato Salad

Traditionally, tomatoes are difficult to pair with a variety of wines because they are high in acidity.  But, this pairing is surprisingly delightful due to the way the peach flavors in Electra Moscato compliment the combination of flavors in the dish.  The supple yet delicate sweetness of the butter poached lobsters balance out the acidity levels in the warm tomatoes and are amplified by the savory hints of garlic.  Add a nice cold glass of the perfectly balanced Electra Moscato and the delicate sweetness of lobster balances well with the high acidity of the tomatoes and savoriness of the basil and garlic. GET THE RECIPE HERE.

Easter Brunch Sprig time brunch Kale Egg dish

Baked Eggs & Kale

This pairing plays on how opposite flavors compliment each other.  This easy-to-make egg dish is earthy, savory and cheesy. The spritzy bubbles in Electra Moscato cut through the fibrous and slightly bitter kale while complimenting the satisfying savoriness of the eggs. This combination makes an interesting contrast to the bright apricot flavors and balanced acidity in Electra Moscato.  GET THE RECIPE HERE

What makes Electra a different Moscato?

Quady Electra Moscato Sweet Wine

Compared to other Moscatos, Electra is more aromatic, crisp and refreshing. Whereas most Moscatos are made from Muscat of Alexandria, Electra is over 75% Orange Muscat and the balance is Muscat Canelli. These varieties are more difficult to grow and have smaller yields, but their aromas and flavors are more refined.

To make Electra, the free run juice is fermented for more than a month at low temperature after which it is chilled, sterile filtered, and bottled. This process preserves its delicate flavors and a slight fizz. BUY  IT HERE.


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