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This bubbly concoction is the perfect opening cocktail to your evening meal or weekend brunch. All of the wonderful flavors and warm spices of Vya Sweet Vermouth are carried across the palette by the bubbles in the sparkling wine of your choice. It’s a light, refreshing and absolutely delicious sparkling wine cocktail for any time of year and occasion.


2 oz. Vya Sweet Vermouth
3 oz. Sparkling wine
Garnish: Orange wedge


Pour sparkling wine and Vya Sweet Vermouth into a champagne flute or a highball glass over ice. Garnish with an orange wedge or two. Change the ratio of wine to vermouth to find your ideal flavor profile.

Vya Sweet Vermouth with orange slices and carrots

The warm baking spices infused in Vya Sweet Vermouth conjure memories of holiday baking in a cozy kitchen on a cold winter’s day. This artisan vermouth is fantastic sipping alone over ice or mixed into cocktails to meld flavors of honeyed spices with your favorite spirits. The taste of Vya Sweet Vermouth takes center stage in this simple sparkling wine cocktail, dancing across the palette with the bubbles of the wine for a refreshing spritz in every sip.

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