Cocktails & Apéritifs, Essensia, Spring, Summer, Vya Whisper Dry

The Summer Peach 

Ripe, sweet, fragrant peaches are essential for this cocktail recipe. Find the best peaches you can get your hands on.


1 oz Essensia Orange Muscat
1 oz Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth
2 oz Prosecco
1/4 Ripe, fragrant white peach with peel


Muddle the peach in a mixing glass. Add Essensia and Vya Whisper Dry. Muddle. Fill the glass with ice and shake until ingredients are cold and frothy. Strain into a chilled champagne flute or cocktail glass (use a strainer with 1/8 inch holes). Top with 2 oz chilled Prosecco.

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