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The only thing possibly better than Electra Moscato, is an Electra Moscato slushie! Since Electra Moscato is low alcohol, it naturally freezes into a slushie, so all you need to make this recipe is the wine. These moscato slushies are a guaranteed hit, and pair perfectly with the warm sun.


1 Bottle of any Electra Moscato


Pour Electra Moscato, Red Electra Moscato or Electra Moscato Rosé into a gallon freezer bag or another container of your choice. You’ll want a container which is easy to scoop the slushie out of.

Place the container with Electra inside into the freezer and stir every hour or so until it’s frozen into a slushie. Remove from the freezer, spoon or pour into a glass of your choice and enjoy! If you want the consistency to be soft like it is from a margarita or slushie machine, simply blend the frozen Electra before serving.


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