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Why choose between beer and wine when you can have the best of both worlds? This beer cocktail makes for a sweeter happy hour by enhancing the chocolatey, coffee-like flavors of stout with the berry bliss of Elysium Black Muscat. Decadence meets down-to-earth for a match made in a heaven that lives up to its delicious Dark Truffle name!


2 oz. Elysium Black Muscat
Stout of choice
Pint glass
Cocktail shaker with ice


Shake Elysium with ice. Pour stout of choice into a pint glass. Strain Elysium on top. Cheers!

Elysium Black Muscat with Cocktails

You may have never considered using a black muscat dessert wine like Elysium to make cocktails, but its sweet, dark fruit flavoring actually makes it perfect for a variety of concoctions! The rich crimson color of Elysium Black Muscat exudes the blissful berry taste you can expect before you even take a sip. Emitting a litchi-rose aroma that indicates the fully mature grapes used to make it, Elysium will delight your palette whether you sip it alone or mixed with spritzers, cocktails and yes – even stout.

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