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Here’s a trick for this treat: Did you know you can freeze our Electra Moscatos to make slushies? We think this sweet concoction will pair perfectly with candy corn, our favorite Halloween treat! Change the colors to customize this moscato slushie for any holiday theme or occasion.


1 Bottle of any Electra Moscato (original Electra works best for tinting with certain colors)
Liquid (non-gel) food coloring – orange & yellow or desired colors
Whipped cream or desired topping
Freezer-safe sealable bags or containers


Pour Electra Moscato into two different freezer bags or freezer-safe containers of your choice. Note: You’ll want a container that’s easy to scoop the slushies from.

In one container, mix in yellow food coloring until you’ve reached your desired shade of yellow. In the second container, mix yellow and red food coloring until you’ve created your desired shade of orange.

Place the containers with tinted moscato in the freezer and stir every hour or so until frozen into a slushie. Remove from the freezer.

In a glass of your choice, spoon or pour the frozen moscato into layers like a candy corn. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles, then enjoy!

Tip: If you want the consistency to be soft like it is from a margarita or slushie machine, simply blend the frozen Electra before serving.

Candy Corn Electra Moscato Slushie

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