Our October 2021 Club Release is Here!

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The October 2021 Club Release is underway! This fall release comes well in time for the holidays and invites our club members to enjoy the season by sharing their favorite Quady wines at home with friends and family. If you are interested in becoming a member, head over to our club page to see all of the club member perks and sign up today!

Take a look at what our members received for their October release:

Club Electra:


CLUB PRICE: $89.94

Electra bottles lined up next to each other

Club Vya:


CLUB PRICE: $68.96

3 vya bottles in line next to a elysium bottle

Club Quady:


CLUB PRICE: $65.21

4 bottles of Quady wine lined up


Interested in becoming a Quady wine club member? There is no sign-up fee and you will receive access to our club member exclusives immediately!

Circles with text inside describing the perks of being a Quady wine club member.

Sign up today and join our Quady Club Family!

"Sign-up Today!" button.

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