Your Purchases Make a Difference for Local Frontline Workers and Restaurants!

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While many parts of the country are seeing signs of a slow return to normal, COVID-19 is still here and leaving its mark on many, especially in the Central Valley. Our hearts and minds are on all that have been affected, whether that’s financially or through illness and loss.

Working so close to restaurants and bars nationwide, we’re thinking of them regularly as they work diligently to stay open and provide for their staff. And we are also grateful for our frontline workers, such as first responders and medical professionals, who are risking infection on a daily basis to care for those who need the most help. Both of these groups have been dramatically affected by the pandemic.

We want to lend them a helping hand, and are asking for your help!

From now through June 15th, we’re donating 10% of our tasting room and online sales to FLAG Central Valley, an organization created to help and support our local frontline workers and restaurants during COVID-19. 

ABOUT FLAG: (Front Line Appreciation Group) is a group that’s dedicated to helping feed our front line health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic while also keeping our local restaurants in business. The group was started by Liz Bernich of Chatham, NJ — who teamed up with another mom, Gina McGuire of Madison, to create the group that raised an amazing  $100,000+ for the cause in its first two weeks of existence.  As FLAG has become a nationwide movement, 100+ other independent, community-based organizations using the FLAG name have been created all over the country emulating our mission. 

If you’re not local to the Central Valley, you can still help! FLAG has chapters all across the country that are working to help frontline works and restaurants everywhere. Check out their list of chapter locations HERE to find one near you. You can also visit their website for additional information –

We’re all hoping that COVID-19 will be a thing of the past, and soon, but in the meantime let’s help support those who have been affected in its wake!


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