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We’re marrying the iconic look of Quady wines with the innovation that has taken place at Quady since the beginning. To do so, we’ve transformed the wine labels on our signature line of Muscats and Moscatos! This blog is the first of more to come which reveals these new wine labels and packaging, starting with our Electra Moscato. Rest assured, what’s on the outside of our bottles is the only thing that has changed. The magic that lies within is still the same smile inducing experience that it has always been!Electra Moscato Wine Label Design Change Vintage 2017 Vintage 2018The iconic artwork found on our wine labels has been a treasured mark of Quady Winery since the very beginning. For many of us, the vibrant and colorful impact of the Electra angel, the abstract and painterly feel of Essensia and the elegant and romantic presence of Elysium are what first drew us in to experience that which lies within. That still holds true with new Quady tasters even to this day. Among the sea of wine labels that crowd our lives and battle for our attention, Quady labels have always stood out from the crowd, offering a deviation from the usual.

Electra Moscato Wine Label Design Change Photography Pear Peach Flowers Aromas Flavors
Many Quady wines are entirely different styles completely, often making it challenging for our retail friends to find the ideal home for Quady among the shelves of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. But this is precisely why Quady is so special. How do you categorize something as unique as our Deviation aromatized dessert wine? Even simply describing these wines often requires using new and unconventional word play.

At Quady, we are innovators, but we are also loyalists to our Quady history and traditions. That very human dichotomy led to some passionate ideas about the future of our labels. The Quady marketing team, led by Sales & Marketing Director, Jim Fricke and Marketing Manager, Colin Hough, saw an opportunity for us in the marketplace. Colin worked to make the iconic artwork on the Quady labels more accessible to today’s consumers, thereby meeting the needs of our sales force and our brand. The result is a set of updated, complementary labels that we believe will help retailers and consumers alike recognize that, albeit their different styles, our four most popular Muscats and Moscatos all stem from the same innovative and high-quality family of wines. In other words, they look fantastic on the shelf together.

– Allie Quady, Quady Winery Board of Directors

Electra Moscato Wine Label Design Change Dinner Meal Pairing
For Electra Moscato, we wanted to further emphasize the captivating artwork that Ardison Phillips first created decades ago. To do so, we cleaned up some of the elements around the art piece itself, which in turn allowed us to increase the actual size of the painting as it’s seen on the bottle. We also wanted to tie in the wine type (Moscato) better with the original artwork. We used Laurel Quady’s update of the Elysium label as a starting point for inspiration, carefully painting in the word Moscato to match the painting of Electra in the original art. Also, this new label now pays respect to the Quady brand in a clean manner; done so carefully as to not detract from the center piece─the art. To tie it all together, the capsule has been redesigned as well. It now plays into the label design inconspicuously and showcases the Quady brand around the neck of the bottle.

Electra Moscato Quady Winery Muscats Sweet Wine Label Design Changes

We hope you love these updated labels as much as we do! Be sure to stay tuned for the unveil of Red Electra Moscato, Essensia Orange Muscat and our Elysium Black Muscat, and look for them sitting pretty on the shelves of your favorite local store soon. If you have any questions or comments regarding the changes─let us know! Contact us HERE.

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