More New Faces at Quady Winery

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Amongst the fast paced growth our winery has been experiencing over the past few years, we’ve been working hard to expand our Quady employee family. In 2020, we brought on more than a few new faces to help with the increased demand for our wines and we just wanted to take a moment to introduce them to you. From production to finance and everything in between, these excellent additions will be helping us to serve you better and make more wine for our growing fan base to enjoy. So, without further ado…

Andrea Milliorn, Senior Accountant at Quady Winery, holding a glass of Electra Moscato while resting on a wine barrel.Andrea Milliorn, Senior Accountant

Hector Martinez, General Winery Worker at Quady Winery, holding a glass of Electra Moscato.Hector Martinez, General Winery Worker

Ja'mal Nelson, General Winery Worker, holding a glass of Electra Moscato wine next to a wine barrel.Ja’mal Nelson, General Winery Worker

Allie Quady, Health, Safety and Organization Manager at Quady Winery, sipping a glass of Electra Moscato wine.Allie Quady, Health, Safety & Organization Manager

Juan Cuevas, Cellar Master, holding a glass of wine and standing next to bottles of Electra Moscato wine.Juan Cuevas, Cellar Master

Evan Collins, Laboratory Tech. at Quady Winery, pouring Electra Moscato wine into a wine glass.Evan Collins, Laboratory Technician

Daniel Martinez, General Winery Worker, holding a glass and bottle of Electra Moscato wine.Daniel Martinez, General Winery Worker

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