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If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll already be aware that we’re briefly highlighting some of the names and faces here at Quady that make it all possible. This is all in thanks to the wonderful people that make up the Quady Winery crew, and in honor of our 45th anniversary! As we feature more employees on our social media accounts during the coming weeks, we’ll update this blog at the same time. So, be sure to check in regularly and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Let’s get started!…

First up is Mr. and Mrs. Quady themselves. Andy and Laurel started Quady Winery all those years ago, and still play very important roles today as CEO and CFO. They own Quady Winery with their children, Herb Quady and Allie Quady. We are fortunate to be able to say that we’re still family owned!

Next on the list are our Winemakers.

No matter the time, or the day, Cole Dennis (left), Asst. Winemaker, and Darin Peterson (right), Winemaker, are almost always found at the winery carefully orchestrating all that goes on behind the scenes, from grape to bottle. Winemaking can be glamorous, but it also takes a lot of work and long hours. The next time you pour a glass of your favorite Quady wine, you’ll have these two to thank!

Meet Tonya and Brandon. As the old saying goes, they wear a lot of hats… From crush to bottling, they do it all, and often supervise the processes. Most noteworthy are their always smiling faces, even after working a double shift through the night! We’re blessed to have them.

This is Cassie and Dave. Cassie’s been with us for just a couple of years, but it feels like she’s been a part of the family from the beginning! She’s our HR & Business Operations Specialist and does a great job making sure we all stay in line 😉. You may even see her at a tasting event occasionally.

Dave is the glue that holds this ship together. He’s a Quady veteran and a jack of all trades – finance, operations, management, and really shines when it comes to all things IT. Dave celebrates Christmas all year as his desk is always full of Amazon packages full of cool electronic toys for the crew.

When it comes to the heavy lifting required to actually make our wines, we owe much of the credit to our production crew, including these three gentlemen. Darius, Jacob and Juan are instrumental in converting our grapes into wine – and they make it look easy! (and entertaining)

Allow us to introduce three more wonderful Quady family members: Mauro, Cellar Supervisor, Dan, Production Manager, and Johnnie, Winery Worker.

Both Dan and Mauro are our winery’s OG’s with around six decades of combined time at Quady! They’ve journeyed the growth and change we’ve experienced from the beginning first hand, and to this day, are just as crucial as ever. Mauro orchestrates the song and dance that turns our juice into wine, and Dan takes it from there, overseeing the bottling season and packaging.

Johnnie is also a longtime Quady member, and like some of our other employees, is a jack of all trades. He’s had his hands in almost every task here and gets the work done no matter where he is – on a forklift, on the line, filtering wine, crushing grapes, you name it.

Portrait of Cynthia Leon, the Sales Support Admin at Quady Winery

Cynthia is someone that needs little introduction, as most of our fans already know her well. She’s been with us for more than two decades and is the always smiling face many of our visitors have come to know and love. She’s an encyclopedia on Quady history and is probably the undisputed champion of giving the quintessential Quady tasting experience!

Portrait of Marnee Coushman, the Bookkeeper at Quady Winery

This is Marnee Coushman, a name many of our distributors and suppliers know well! She helps ensure our dollars come in and head out to the right places at the right time. She also helps coordinate orders and shipments for our distributors and the retail stores we supply all across the US. So, if you see our wine in a store near you, she most likely had a hand in helping to get it there. There are dozens of other tasks Marnee handles for Quady, but most importantly, she coordinates our company get-togethers and parties, which we can’t live without!

Portrait of Ray George, the Freight Coordinator and Production Specialist at Quady Winery

Ray George is a Quady employee that deserves all the recognition and thanks we can offer… When it comes to handling the logistics of our wine shipments, the generation and processing of critical winemaking records, and so much more, he somehow manages to get it all done without a hitch. Whether you ask our winemakers, the finance team, or sales and marketing, we’ll all agree that we can’t live without him and his contribution!

Portrait of Jesus Romero and Jose Yenis, General Winery Workers at Quady Winery

Let us introduce Jesus and José. Both of these gentlemen are incredibly important to our day-to-day operations, and handle a long list of winemaking responsibilities – from crush to blending, bottling and everything in between. They’ve had their share of working long days and nights, all to ensure our wines make it from grape to bottle, and to your front door. And in the midst of all that, they’re still always willing to lend a helping hand anywhere else it’s needed – especially when you need a good laugh or pick-me-up!

More to come! Stay Tuned!

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