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The practicalities of expanding our production are complex, especially when our primary focus is, and always will be, quality. In 2016 we unrolled a second phase in a long-term project to keep pace with the desire we see for quality Moscato in the market. We are honored to be recognized by Wine Enthusiast Magazine with eight 90 point plus scores this past year including Deviation as a “Top 100 Wine”.

We hope that our expansion will enable us to satisfy Electra and Red Electra Moscato fans year round, in more locations. We couldn’t do this without the help of our trusted, long-term growers. Denis Prosperi of Madera will be supplying the majority of the increase in Orange Muscat and Black Muscat grapes. Tom Hagopian will continue to bring his quality Muscat grapes to the winery as well.

To keep up with the increase in production at the winery, Andrew Quady began by adding two 25,000-gallon tanks in 2013. Four more large tanks were added in 2015 and eight tanks of varying sizes are being added at the end of 2016. Some tanks are housed in a cold room to ensure that the wine is at the ideal temperature for bottling effervescent Moscato. Andrew and the production team are also incorporating a unique cooling system to drop the temperature of the grapes by 30 degrees after leaving the crusher and before entering the crush tanks. Maintaining a consistent temperature is one way the Quady winemaking team stays on top of the quality in every tank, and subsequently every bottle of Moscato.

Everyone here is excited about the plan for growth, especially the winemakers who are the ones who need to make all this extra wine, so Andrew is working hard to give them the tools they need. Director of Winemaking Michael Blaylock and Winemaker Darin Peterson are rising to the challenge and evaluating their techniques in tandem with the increased tonnage and the new capacity of Quady Winery. For all the Red Electra and Electra fans out there, they’re working hard to bring you more of your favorite Moscato to share with friends and family, year round.

Want to connect with Michael Blaylock for some fun this summer? Join a great group of Quady Winery fans and club members on a seven night cruise through the dramatic Douro River Valley in Portugal July 11-22, 2017. On board, Michael will hold three directed wine tastings and a paired wine dinner, pouring some spectacular wines from Quady Winery Do you see yourself sailing on the beautiful Douro River aboard the 106 passenger vessel M/S AmaVida this summer? Book HERE.

Taking the Cue from Grapes, Quady Winery Goes Solar Earlier this year.

Andrew Quady pulled the lever on newly installed roof-top solar panels, activating 110,000 watts of energy powered by the intense San Joaquin Valley sun. In 2017 we plan to install solar on the roof of our new warehouse, activating an additional 202,000 watts. The photovoltaic panels will provide the majority (75%) of our electricity needs. Over a period of ten years, the panels will have paid for themselves in energy saved. Being energy efficient is good business, and also the right thing to do.

Andrew Quady started in the wine business in 1975 making port. He hired winemaker Michael Blaylock (now Director of Winemaking) in 1984 to manage the growth spurred by his early fortified wines, Essensia and Elysium. Electra Moscato was introduced in 1990 and Vya Vermouth in 1999.

For wholesale information contact jim.Fricke@quadywinery.com. For samples to review, press, or other trade questions contact press@quadywinery.com. For more details on where to find Quady and Salt of the Earth wines, winery history and bottle-shot

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  • Claudette Burk

    So happy for your success. Been a fan since 2002. Had our first wine on a Princess cruise to Alaska–Essentia.

    • Sandra Hess

      Hello Claudette. Thank you for your kind note and so happy to hear that you are a fan of Quady Wines!

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