Drink Like a Spaniard Cocktail

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In Spain, vermouth is a popular social drink during the daylight hours. So popular in fact that it is served on tap at most local markets and bars. This celebration of vermouth is less about intoxication and more about enjoying the passing of time with friends and family.

EL VERMUT! In this recipe, the blend of Vya Sweet Vermouth and Vya Extra Dry Vermouth mirrors the spicy, sweet, dry, and bitter balance of Spanish style vermouth- bringing a bit of Barcelona to your happy hour.


Tasty tip: The El Vermut cocktail is delicious when enjoyed with tapa. Try it with encurtidos (pickled vegetables) smoked fish, olives, and a hard boiled eggs.

El vermut pairing


Vya Sweet Vermouth and Vya Extra Dry can be easily located at the Quady Online Store or a local store near you.


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