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Andrew and Laurel Quady are the founders of Quady Winery. Their path into the wine world began with an exodus from southern California to pursue their dream: a rural way of life making wine.


A New Life

Andrew and Laurel Quady never intended to start a winery. It just sort of happened. Andrew began his career making explosives for military countermeasures, but after a major fire shut down the plant where he was working, the Quadys decided to leave Southern California and start a new life in winemaking. After Andrew earned his master’s degree in viticulture and enology from U.C. Davis and Laurel earned her accounting degree from CSU Sacramento, the Quadys relocated to Madera, California, where they purchased a home that had been bonded as a winery. Andrew was working for another winery at the time and making Zinfandel Port on nights and weekends. 1600 cases started the Quadys off on sweet feet in 1975.


Heavenly Muscat

1983 brought the serendipitous arrival of Black Muscat grapes to Quady Winery. A local church had been growing them for sacramental wine, but when the church ceased operations, the grapes needed a new home. Given his success working with Orange Muscat, Andrew Quady took the Black Muscat grapes and turned them into Elysium, his second Muscat wine.

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