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About Elysium

Elysium is a red dessert wine with aromas of lychee and roses that accompany flavors of cherry and boysenberry – balanced with fruit acidity to finish clean.

In 1983, a nearby grower brought Andrew Quady some Black Muscat grapes that were previously destined for sacramental wine at a local church. When the church ceased operations, the grower was left with truckloads of ripe, unwanted Black Muscat. The grower heard through the grapevine that newcomer Quady had some success with Orange Muscat, so he knocked on Quady’s door, and the rest is history.

Quady handled the Black Muscat in the same manner as his Essensia dessert wine: crushing, chilling and allowing the grapes to macerate (“sit on the skins”). He then added wine spirits to arrest the fermentation and preserve the sweetness in the wine. On draining the tank, the winery began to smell of roses! In his amazement, Quady held a naming contest and selected Elysium, “state of eternal bliss” in Greek, as a name for this exciting muscat dessert wine.

Elysium’s stunning violet-crimson color and lychee-rose aroma develop after Black Muscat grapes attain full maturity, which requires a warm climate like the sunny San Joaquin Valley. In warmer years, this red dessert wine’s color is darker and its aromas are more intense.

Elysium is wonderful with cheeses, especially goat cheese or Gorgonzola. It also pairs fantastically with desserts containing red fruits, such as English Summer Pudding, with dark chocolate and with cream desserts and cheesecake. Elysium poured onto vanilla ice cream is an effortless favorite.

Use this sweet red dessert wine to make tasty spritzers and cocktails. Try the Elysium spritzer in the summertime as a light patio pleaser, or mix it up with whiskey, lemon, and sweetener for an Elysium Sour. Add it to sparkling wine in place of creme de cassis to make a Black Muscat rendition of the popular French ‘kir royale.’ To peruse Elysium cocktail recipes, head over to our recipes page.

The heart on the Elysium label is drawn by artist Ardison Phillips. The label design is by Laurel Quady.

Fortified to 15% Alcohol by Volume.

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