Manhattan Month 2018 is going to be bigger & better than ever before!

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An Annual Month Long Celebration

If we told you that Manhattan Month™ was created solely as an excuse to enjoy more Manhattans, would you be disappointed? We think not!


Well, it’s a hint of that, plus the perfect opportunity to explore what it is that makes the Manhattan such an incredible experience. From its unique history, taste, creative versatility and more – The Manhattan offers so much to explore, enjoy and share. We at Vya™ Vermouth thought it would be a great idea to set aside a whole month to do just that.


So, can we mix one up for you this October?

Scroll down to learn how to participate!


Whiskey + Vermouth + Bitters

What’s the perfect way to celebrate Manhattan Month?

Drink Manhattans all October long, of course!


Manhattan Month starts by enjoying the honored cocktail in whatever shape, size and style you prefer. Mix it at home or visit your favorite bar/restaurant and have someone else mix it for you. Some retail locations will be offering drink specials on Manhattans all month long. If your go-to spot isn’t, encourage them to!


Take a photo of your tasty Manhattan and share it online using #ManhattanMonth. Be sure to invite your friends and family or they might get jealous – unless that’s what you’re going for.


Need a recipe to get started? Try the 50:50 Manhattan. This recipe takes inspiration from the earliest era of the cocktail’s history, where the whiskey and vermouth played equal parts and complimented each other beautifully.


Whiskey + Vermouth + Bitters + ?

One of our favorite aspects of the Manhattan is that the inviting simplicity and versatility of the original recipe seems to beckon creativity and innovation.


Part of the reason Manhattan Month is not Manhattan Week or Day, is that you need at least a month to try all of the cocktail’s wonderful variations. There are so many versions of the Manhattan, and so many more that have yet to be discovered. The perfect way to celebrate the occasion is to create and share your own recipes in October while enjoying someone else’s.


Whether it’s an original Manhattan recipe you created over a decade ago, or something made just for Manhattan Month, share it on social media using #ManhattanMonth or submit it to us through the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll post it here and on social media!


A Celebration for All, by All

Good conversation, new recipes, drink specials, interesting history, food pairings and more – There will be plenty to see, taste and participate in.


While the idea for Manhattan Month came from within the walls of Vya Vermouth, it’s a community driven celebration. To be a true celebration, Manhattan Month relies on your participation! The best way to follow and participate is with #ManhattanMonth &


Many well known bartenders, mixologists, writers and enthusiasts will be participating with their own original content by using the hashtag mentioned above. Of course, we hope you’ll do the same.


At Vya, our Mixologist, Dana Fares, will be sparking conversation around the occasion with new Manhattan recipes, secrets on the nuances of pairing vermouth and whiskey, exploration of what it takes to make a great Manhattan and more. You’ll find those stories on our Facebook and Twitter (@vyavermouth) and Instagram page (@officialvyavermouth).


Send us your original Manhattan recipes through the contact form below!

Submit your original Manhattan recipes here or contact us for more about Manhattan Month.


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