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Carpano, using a recipe from his grandmother, is credited with making the first commercial vermouth in the sweet red or Italian style. Originally vermouth was a beverage based on the plant wormwood (”Wermut” in German) and used medicinally. Since Carpano the essential feature of vermouth, the aperitif, is that it is flavored with a large number of different plants. Good vermouth should be complex with no single botanical predominating.

Imagine listening to a symphony. The great music reaches a crescendo. Uncontrollably, one begins to tingle and feel warm. This is what VYA sweet does to your mouth - the special effect of certain plants. In contrast to the coolness of VYA extra dry, VYA sweet is warm and spicy. It’s bitter sweetness stimulating the appetite for foods to follow.

Enjoy sweet VYA on the rocks with a twist or as the Perfect VYA or VYA French Kiss aperitif (2/3 dry and 1/3 sweet VYA on the rocks garnished with orange peel). Added to sparkling wine, sweet VYA makes a VYA Royale or Vya-mosa. Pour about 20% VYA on top.

Sweet VYA makes the best Manhattans (2 parts American bourbon and one part sweet vermouth). In fact some 50 bars entered a competition in San Francisco for the Maker’s Mark Manhattan. The secret ingredient of the winning recipe from Palomino Euro-bistro, was VYA sweet vermouth.

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