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Vermouth is a fortified wine made with botanicals. VYA is a new type of aperitif vermouth, producing an exceedingly pleasant aromatic experience. Fresh and vibrant, VYA wakes up the taste buds. Either the extra dry or sweet styles can be enjoyed straight as a delicious aperitif. The VYA French Kiss
(2/3 dry and 1/3 sweet VYA on the rocks and garnished with orange peel) is our favorite aperitif.

Aromatic plants as used in cuisine, aroma therapy, teas, homeopathy, and personal products are increasingly important in culture. Aromatized wine (wine with added botanicals) represents the fusion between winemaking and various arts involving the use of botanicals.

Botanicals added to wine can produce a special effect, such as a heightened sensitivity to taste or the sensation of being in a forest or garden or a sense of coolness, warmth or tingling, as in aroma therapy.

VYA, Extra Dry, is made from a blend of Colombard and Orange Muscat wines with a selection of fresh whole dried herbs (lavender, elecampane, galangal, angelica, orris and linden). The pleasant aromatic effects bring forth a vision
of a new sort of vermouth to be used as an aperitif or a super enhanced white wine.



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Orange County Fair

Silver Award:
Monterey Wine Competition
Vino Challenge Int'l

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