The original American craft vermouth

Exotic and homegrown at the same time, the ingredients in Vya Whisper Dry, Vya Extra Dry, and Vya Sweet Vermouth start with a blend of grapes, including Orange Muscat grown at Quady Winery in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Quality grapes give the vermouth good viscosity and flavor, providing a palate for the herbs. In the sweet Vya, some of Quady’s port style wine is mixed in for added color and dimension. The other pieces of the puzzle – the herbs – come from India, Albania, Russia, Spain, Morocco, to name a few. The herbs are carefully steeped in the right proportions in small batches of fortified wine and transformed into unique vermouth made only at Quady Winery.  LEARN MORE


Vya Whisper Dry

“Whisper” refers to a soft whisper of herbs in wine, a delicate rendition of Vya Vermouth.  The herbs and wine melt into the spirit without overpowering the drink.


Refreshing, Elegant & Smooth… Ask for it.

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Vya Extra Dry

Relax, sip, shut your eyes, and be transported to a mountain meadow on a river of dry white wine, Orange Muscat, angelica, orris, linden, lavender and more…


Crisp, Floral & Vibrant… Ask for it.

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Vya Sweet Vermouth

Drinking Vya Sweet Vermouth conjures a vision of holiday baking in a cozy home on a cold winter’s day.


Balanced, Aromatic & Rich… Ask for it.

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What to pair our Vya with — or try it in a delicious cocktail!

Vya Flip Negroni

Layered with warm spices and soft bitter notes, the Vya Flip Negroni is a velvety re-invention of the Negroni. 0.75 oz Vya Sweet Vermouth 0.5 oz Campari 0.5 oz Gin 1 Egg Regan’s Orange [...]

Vya Sunset Negroni

Vya Sunset Negroni A tart and tangy spin on the classic Negroni, delivers on taste, making it the perfect patio drink to enjoy during Negroni Week. 1.5 oz Vya Sweet Vermouth 1 oz Campari [...]


Just like the best Negroni you’ve ever had… only better. Ingredients 2 oz Vya Sweet Vermouth 2 0z Campari 2 oz Gin Orange slice Directions Build in a rock glass. Layer in all three [...]