Deviation was selected as a “Top 100 Wine” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2016. Andrew Quady, Founder and Michael Blaylock, Director of Winemaking, share their love for Deviation and Moscato in this VIDEO.

Imagine a starry, tropical night accompanied by a softly spiced, aromatic dessert wine. This unique wine is Deviation.

Deviation is Orange Muscat wine infused with Rose Geranium and Damiana. The Rose Geranium leaves gathered from the Quady garden impart an herbal quality and an unusual finish in a sweet wine. Damiana, wild harvested from South America, was first used by the Mayans for its aphrodisiac properties and continues to be popular today for luck in love.

To make Deviation, the herbs steep in Orange Muscat wine for seven days. The wine is filtered and bottled, and held for one year before release.

Wines infused with plants are “aromatized wines.” Whereas there are several aromatized aperitíf wines, Deviation as a dessert wine is unique. It is a deviation from traditional winemaking and the usual after dinner experience.

Enjoy Deviation with pie, truffles, cookies, vanilla, cheese and fruit, as a palate cleanser, or in a cocktail.

Deviation was introduced in 2006 after Andrew Quady enjoyed experimenting with the aphrodisiac properties of Damiana.

The label art is a rendering of a mosaic by Heather Clark of Key West, Florida.

Toast to all that is good, and devious in life!

— Marissa Gierlich, Bartender, Street Restaurant, Los Angeles

This sweet and flavored wine has an orange/amber color and one of the most floral, perfumed aromas of any wine from anywhere. It smells like a giant bouquet of roses, jasmine and honeysuckle and tastes similar but is also buoyed by apricot and peach flavors and a lively streak in the texture.

— Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2016

Golden amber color. Potpourri like aromas of roses and lychees with a crisp, fruity sweet medium body and a tangy apple sauce, violet candy, pink pepper, and nectarine jam finish. A very attractive and feminine aperitif or craft cocktail ingredient.