Essensia Cosmopolitan

Essensia Cosmopolitan Another popular cocktail made with a twist using our Essensia Orange Muscat dessert wine. If you’re a fan of cosmopolitans, this recipe is a must try! Ingredients: 1 [...]

Essensia Sidecar

Essensia Sidecar This classic cocktail is filled with balanced flavors of honey, apricot and orange by adding our Essensia Orange Muscat dessert wine. Our Essensia Sidecar will open your mind to [...]

Essensia Mimosa

Essensia Mimosa With pronounced orange, apricot and honey flavors, our Essensia Orange Muscat dessert wine is the perfect addition to the classic mimosa. Wow your friends and family with this [...]

Elysium Paloma

Elysium Paloma Throw some rich red berry flavors into your paloma cocktail with this easy to mix favorite. This bubbly cocktail is packed with fruit flavors and is perfect for almost every [...]

Elysium French Martini

Elysium French Martini A versatile, delicious and easy to make take on the French martini featuring our Elysium Black Muscat dessert wine. Elysium provides more complex and balanced red berry [...]

2020 Holiday Hours

As is customary for us, we will be closing down our winery completely for the end of the year Holidays. We do so every year to provide our team with some much needed rest and relaxation following [...]