Our Wines

At Quady Winery, discovery is at the core of who we are. Our sweet and apéritif wines chart new territories in American winemaking. Welcome and enjoy discovering our wines!

& Moscato

We celebrate the finest quality muscat grapes in 100% varietal bottlings of Orange and Black Muscat and in blends with Muscat Canelli. The varieties we use are rare, delicious expressions of the fruit filled San Joaquin Valley. The winemaking style is rich, full bodied, perfectly balanced, and unparalleled in any other muscat you can find.

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Port &

If you like port you will love our Starboard. Starboard is made using traditional Portuguese grape varieties grown in the foothills of Amador County. Starboard has the bright fruit of ruby style port and the round nutty character of tawny port. This is due to our distinctive climate and soils, which resemble those of Portugal. Out of deference for the fine tradition that all port must come from the Douro in Portugal, our ports are named Starboard, nautically on the right of the boat from port.

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Vya was created with the idea that vermouth could be enjoyed similarly to other wines: by swirling it in the glass, smelling the aromatics, and enjoying the subtle flavors. It is lovingly hand-infused in small batches at Quady Winery with over seventeen different herbs. Vya makes an elegant aperitif by itself and brings forth new dimensions in cocktails. Read more about the Vya story.

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Palomino Fino

If you enjoy amontillado sherry, you should try our Palomino Fino. Nutty, buttery, complex, this is possibly the only amontillado style sherry made in the U.S.

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What People Are Saying

“The sweetest spot in the Central Valley. They have a great selection of dessert wines. We were lucky enough to go on a tour of the winery, led by the owner Andy Quady.”


S.L. – Monterey, CA